Managing Projects with Microsoft Project 2013

17 Lessons | 83 Competencies | 100+ exercise projects | online quizzes | based on Microsoft’s Official course content

What is MOAC?

MOAC (Microsoft Official Academic Course) represents the collaboration between Microsoft Learning and John Wiley & Sons, Inc. MOAC provides compelling and innovative teaching solutions that deliver superior learning experiences for students. Infused and informed by in-depth knowledge and crafted with pedagogical quality, the training contents maximize skills transfer in minimum time. Students are challenged to reach their potential by using their new technical skills as highly productive members of the workforce.

Because this knowledge-base comes directly from Microsoft, creator of Microsoft Project 2013, you are sure to receive the topical coverage that is most relevant to students’ personal and professional success.

Course Features

Lesson Skill Matrix: Each lesson begins with a lesson skill matrix. This feature outlines all the topics covered in the lesson.

Business Cases: Each lesson features a real-world business case scenario that places the software skills and knowledge to be acquired in a real-world setting.

Software Orientation: Every lesson includes a software orientation. This feature provides an overview of the software features students will be working with in the lesson. The orientation will detail the general properties of the software or specific features, such as a ribbon or dialog box, and it includes a large, labeled screen image.

Step-by-Step Instructions: Concise and frequent step-by-step instructions teach students new features and provide an opportunity for hands-on practice. Numbered steps give detailed instructions to help students learn software skills. The steps also show results and screen images to match what students should see on their computer screens.

Illustrations: Screen images provide visual feedback as students work through the exercises. The images reinforce key concepts, provide visual clues about the steps, and allow students to check their progress.

Knowledge Assessment: Provides a total of 20 questions from a mix of True/False, Fill-in-the-Blank, Matching, or Multiple Choice, testing students on concepts learned in the lesson.

Competency, Proficiency, and Mastery Assessment: Provide three progressively more challenging lesson-ending activities.

Circling Back: These integrated projects provide students with an opportunity to renew and practice skills learned in each UNIT.

Online Files: This contains the data files needed for each lesson. These files are indicated by the icon in the margin of the coursebook.

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