Who we are?

EDDS Consulting is an Authorized Training Partner (A.T.P.) with VMEdu, Inc., for the global market to provide Certification Courses in Sales & Marketing, Project Management, Business Analysis, Six Sigma, Scrum & Agile and others.

For the Sales & Marketing Certifications, our partner brand is SMstudy; a Global Accreditation body for Sales & Marketing certifications and is a brand of VMEdu, Inc., a global leader in education with more than 400,000 students world-wide in more than 3,500 companies.

Six Aspects Sales & Marketing Certifications

The SMstudy® Guide describes six Aspects of Sales and Marketing which are aligned to the six most common and often distinct career fields related to Sales and Marketing. The Six Aspects included in the SMstudy® Guide are Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, Corporate Sales, Marketing Research, Branding and Advertising and Retail Marketing. Together, these six Aspects cover any topic under Sales and Marketing and form the most comprehensive guide for the topic.

Since the SMstudy® Guide is geared toward Sales & Marketing professionals or those who desire to work in this field, the six Aspects are based on the six most common and often distinct career fields related to Sales & Marketing. Though there is no mandatory prerequisites for many of the SMstudy certifications, it is always better to understand the hierarchy structure.

Sales & Marketing Certification Levels

As shown above, each of the six Aspects of Sales & Marketing has four levels of certifications.

  • The Associate level certification is tailored to help anyone interested to know more about the specific aspect of Sales & Marketing. This is included as a part of the free subscription.
  • The Professional level certification is for individuals who want to gain a comprehensive knowledge of a particular Aspect of Sales & Marketing. This includes a paid subscription access.
  • The Specialist and Expert level certifications are aligned to working professionals trying to gain practical and theoretical expertise in the Sales & Marketing Aspect of their choice. The Specialist certification requires three years of related work experience and the Expert level certification requires five years of related work experience.

In addition to the certifications mentioned above, EDDS Consulting offers certifications in fields related to sales & marketing: Email Marketing, Web-Analytics, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Search Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Social Media. These certifications require Digital Marketing Professional Certification as a prerequisite.