Sunday, 19 September 2021 | 0900 to 1200 hrs

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The webinar is interactive so we limit the registrations to 25 only per session. Please register as soon as possible to reserve your slot.

Six Sigma – What and Why?

What is 6 Sigma?

Six Sigma is a project-based methodology for increasing efficiency and effectiveness. It is a method for enhancing the performance of processes, products, or services that is rigorous, customer-focused, and data-driven.

Why use Six Sigma?

Six Sigma projects help hospitals reduce patient wait times, manufacturers reduce defects, billing hours are reduced, and hotel customers have a better experience. Six Sigma works, and I’m excited to show you how it works.

What you Get?


1. Gain Practical Six Sigma Skills

Get practical skills to improve the effectiveness of your processes, products, and services that have significant financial impact on business.


2. Validate Your Skills

This course will help you prepare for the Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification Exam.


3. Free Online LMS Access

Access to Online Learning Management System which includes lectures and quizzes to further reinforce concepts in Six Sigma.


4. Free Access to CERTIFCATION Exam

FREE access to a 60-minutes online Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification exam at the conclusion of the webinar. If you pass, you will receive an instant e-certificate proving your certification.


5. Webinar Participation E-Certificate

An e-certificate will be issued after successful completion of the webinar (answering all quizzes during the webinar).

Course Introduction Video

About the Course

Learning Objectives

  • What is Six Sigma?
  • Key concepts such as Y = f(x) and sigma level
  • Selecting Six Sigma projects and team members
  • Planning in the Define phase
  • Gathering data in the Measure phase
  • Analyzing data in the Analyze phase
  • Evaluating solutions in the Improve phase
  • Developing a control plan in the Control phase

Full Course Contents


  • Improve performance with Six Sigma


  • What is Six Sigma?
  • An overview of DMAIC
  • Key roles of executives and champions
  • Levels of expertise


  • Critical to quality metrics
  • Variation and the normal curve
  • Defects per million opportunities
  • Sigma levels


  • Identify potential projects
  • Select the Six Sigma team


  • Steps in the Define phase
  • Problem and goal statements
  • Complete the project charter
  • How to use SIPOC diagrams


  • Steps in the Measure phase
  • How to map the current process
  • Plan for data collection
  • Types of data and graphs
  • Measurement system analysis
  • Process capability and sigma level


  • Steps in the Analyze phase
  • How to use the cause-effect diagram
  • Introduction to hypothesis testing
  • Data collection in the Analyze phase
  • How to analyze graphs and charts
  • How to analyze process maps


  • Steps in the Improve phase
  • Generate, evaluate, and select solutions
  • Reduce the risk of failure through FMEA
  • Mistake proofing
  • Pilot test and implement


  • Steps in the Control phase
  • How to use SPC charts
  • The control plan
  • Engage in Six Sigma projects


Syed Rehan Ali, Founder EDDS Consulting, Talents Gateway and Talents Park.

Syed Rehan Ali is the Founder of EDDS Consulting, Talents Gateway and Talents Park. He is a Master Engineer and an Entrepreneur with over 19 years of experience. Has accredited skills in Lean Six Sigma, project management, and business intelligence, allowing him to turn organizations and individuals into high-performance entities. He has trained over 700 professionals and provided over 9000 hours of consulting services to businesses in Enterprise Lean Six Sigma Transformation and Business Intelligence systems design and deployment.
He speaks regularly at various forums: Chambers of Commerce and Industry and Universities. He provides free training to charities and social welfare organizations, especially in education and health care, where possible.
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Cost details and Registration

The webinar is interactive so we limit the registrations to 25 only per session. Please register as soon as possible to reserve your slot.