The Enterprise Lean Transformation Self-Assessment tool is designed to provided you insights about your current level of Lean adoption.

We facilitate organizations in performance excellence through Enterprise Lean Transformation services. Use of this Assessment Tool provides company-wide buy-in and a baseline to initiate projects to design and implement a sustainable and fruitful lean transformation.

Preliminary Lean Implementation Status Assessment

Best viewed on Desktop/Laptop

About Self-Assessment tool

For serious Lean Practitioners, this tool provides practical insights into their work environment in the light of Lean Management Principles.

Companies can use this assessment tool to gauge their level of progress in embracing the lean management practices.

This tool uses 14 lean practices to assess the lean implementation status. While scoring your facility against these 14 lean practices you will be able to realize the improvement potential that may be present in one or more functions of your business.

Be honest in your scoring! And, of course, must not be done on your office desk. Go to the ‘Gemba’ to see visible evidence against each principle.

Best use of this tool

This assessment should be done by a team of representatives from every section or department of an organization. By doing that, you will be able to trigger an internal awareness and debate about the current status of organization’s alignment with the lean principles.

Guided Assessment Session

Should you feel a need, we can assist in arranging a formal assessment workshop for your staff which will:

  • serve as an orientation to the lean concepts
  • will generate realization of Lean Implementation’s benefit potential and
  • provide the motivation and drive to initiate practical improvement projects.

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