The Power BI Report Server

You have a choice when you choose to share your PowerBI material with others in addition to posting on Although offers a home to your cloud content, there is a tool that can host PowerBI content on your own servers, the “Power BI Report Server.”  In the following figure, you will see an example of the Power BI Report Server home page.

Power BI Report Server Homepage
Power BI Report Server Homepage

The Power BI Report Server is a modified version of the SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) server that can handle and deliver all SSRS material and Power BI reports.

Users can view information on the Power BI Report Server using the Reporting Services web portal. This browser-based program offers an interface for arranging, securing, and conducting reports. The figure above provides an overview of the user experience of the Reporting Services web portal. Examples of SSRS material hosted on the Power BI Report Server are KPI groups, smartphone posts, and paginated reports.

Categorizing reports in folders makes it easy for users to find the report they are looking for. Folders also make it easier to manage the security access rights.

The Power BI Report Server is licensed through Power BI Premium or through a SQL Server Enterprise Edition license as part of a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement/Software Assurance (EA/SA).

Power BI Mobile App

Power BI mobile App on a Smart Phone

The figure gives an example of a Power BI Mobile screen on a smartphone.

Content saved on or on the Power BI Report Server can be accessed and interacted using any modern browser. Those searching for a richer experience on a mobile device should download the Power BI native mobile software for their mobile operating system. In addition to merely displaying the content, the mobile app helps you to communicate with the results.

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