Power BI Reporting Updates

Modern Tooltip

  • Enabled by default.
  • Paves the way for enhanced tooltip management and customization.

Matrix Layouts

  • New options: compact outline or tabular layouts for tables and matrices.

Line Updates

  • Customize and manage line visibility, patterns, autoscaling, and dash caps.

On-Object Interaction

  • Interact directly with visuals for intuitive formatting via a mini toolbar.

Publish to Folders (Public Preview)

  • Publish reports to specific folders in workspaces directly from Power BI Desktop.

Ask Copilot (Preview)

  • Query data models directly for insights and visual answers beyond report visuals.

Power BI Modeling Updates

DAX Query View

  • General availability of DAX query view.
  • Includes quick queries, inline Fabric Copilot, professional code editing, and the ability to run queries before keeping them.

Managed Relationships Dialogue

  • Comprehensive view and management of relationships in one location.

Refresh of Calculated Columns and Tables

  • Refresh enabled for calculated columns and tables using single sign-on authentication.

Model Explorer

  • Tree view for easier semantic modeling with item counts and search capabilities.

Power BI Data Connectivity Updates

Enhanced Oracle Database Connector

  • Added single sign-on support with Microsoft Entra ID authentication.

New and Updated Connectors

  • New connectors: OneStreamPower BI, Zendesk, CCH Tagetik.
  • Updated connector: Azure Databricks.

Power BI Integration and Collaboration

Reports in OneDrive and SharePoint

  • Seamless viewing of Power BI reports with live connected data in OneDrive and SharePoint.

Storytelling in PowerPoint

  • Image mode improvements for faster load times and updated notifications for data refresh.

Power BI Mobile Updates

Show Visuals as Table View

  • Feature to view all report visuals as table visuals for better accessibility and data consumption.

Detailed video on May 2024 updates for Microsoft Power BI