1Vocabulary (words/meanings/sentences) Part 12020-11-16 11:23:00
2Vocabulary (words/meanings/sentences) Part 22020-11-17 10:37:00
3Vocabulary (words/meanings/sentences) Part 3
4Vocabulary (words/meanings/sentences) Part 4
5Vocabulary (words/meanings/sentences) Part 5
6Vocabulary (words/meanings/sentences) Part 6
7Vocabulary (words/meanings/sentences) Part 7
8Opposites (hot-cold, short-long etc)
9Exercise Opposites-Join Word to Picture
10Exercise Opposites-Fill in the Blanks
11More on Exercise Opposites-Fill in the Blanks
12Describing Words-Opposites
13Exercise-Describing Words-Opposites (tall/short, big/small etc)
14Asim Wants a Cap (Story/Opposites: tall/short, big/small etc)
15Words/Synonyms Part 1
16Words/Synonyms Part 2
17Words/Synonyms Part 3
18Words/Synonyms Part 4
19Words/Synonyms Part 5
20Synonyms & Antonyms Part 1
21Coagnates ( things having same name in Urdu and English eg. heater, t
23Prefix and Suffix
24Words Ending with ight/igh (read/write)
25Minimal Pairs Part 1
26Arrange Words in Alphabetical Order (by 1st letter/activities)
27Arrange Words in Alphabetical Order (by 2nd letter/activities)
28Arrange Words in Alphabetical Order (Writing activitiy)
29Phrasal Verbs (10)- [meanings & Sentences] Part 1
30Phrasal Verbs (10)- [meanings & Sentences] Part 2
31Phrasal Verbs (10)- [meanings & Sentences] Part 3
32Phrasal Verbs (10)- [meanings & Sentences] Part 4
33Phrasal Verbs (10)- [meanings & Sentences] Part 5
34Vowels Introduction (letters a,e,i,o,u)
35Exercise Vowels Introduction
36Short and Long Vowel Sounds
37Exercise-Short and Long Vowel Sounds
38Exercise-Short and Long Vowels Combined
39Exercise-Vowel Sounds Mixed
40More on Exercise-Vowel Sounds Mixed
41Letter Blends (vowel-consonant-vowel)-rate etc
42More on Letter Blends (vowel-consonant-vowel)-cage etc
43More on Letter Blends (vowel-consonant-vowel)-mute etc
44Letter Blends (vowel-vowel-consonant)-rain etc
45More on Letter Blends (vowel-vowel-consonant)-keen etc
46Letter Blends (consonant-vowel-vowel)-bees etc
47More on Letter Blends (consonant-vowel-vowel)-seat etc
48Homophones (words with same sounds but different meanings)
493 Letter Rhyming Words (ending with in)
503 Letter Rhyming Words (ending with at)
513 Letter Rhyming Words (ending with ut)
523 Letter Rhyming Words (ending with ot)
533 Letter Rhyming Words (ending with en)
543 Letter Rhyming Words (ending with ar)
554 Letter Rhyming Words (ending with ake)
56Exercise-4 Letter Rhyming Words (ending with ake)
574 Letter Rhyming Words (ending with ock)
58Exercise-4 Letter Rhyming Words (ending with ock)
594 Letter Rhyming Words (ending with ook)
60Exercise-4 Letter Rhyming Words (ending with ook)
614 Letter Rhyming Words (ending with ing)
62Exercise-4 Letter Rhyming Words (ending with ing)
63Rhyming Words (join pictures/match columns)
64Pronunciation: Silent letters in Words (with focus on silent and roll
65Pronunciation: Silent letters in Words (with focus on"lk", "wr", "kn")
66Double Consonants
67One Syllable Words (corn, nest etc)
68Two Syllable Words-but/ter, san/dal etc
69Two Syllable Words-can/dle, ti/ger etc
70Spelling Tripple Consonant (recognizing letter patterns for spelling)
71Ending ch sh th Sounds with Pictures
74Syllable Stress: Word Form
75Intonation Patterns with Examples
76Weak Forms
77Reading and Comprehension Skills Part 1
78Reading and Comprehension Skills Part 2
79Reading and Comprehension Skills Part 3
80Reading and Comprehension Skills Poetry Part 1
81Reading and Comprehension Skills Poetry Part 2
82Use of Simile: Activity
83Myself-Monologue(reading /explanation/activities)