Our Risk Management course is comprehensive and covers all the concepts required to be a Risk Management specialist. The course offers comprehensive study guides for all the chapters with examples that explain and illustrate the concepts for the benefit of the student. The concepts are explained in simple language using time-tested and proven training methodology, making it easy to understand even the complex topics.

The Risk Management course is divided into 8 chapters. This course will help students understand the Risk Management concepts and apply the same in their projects.


1. Principles and Concepts
2. Introduction to Project Risk management processes
3. Plan Risk Management
4. Identify Risks
5. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
6. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
7. Plan Risk Responses
8. Monitor and Control Risks


The procedure followed while studying the online course is mentioned below:
1. Read a particular chapter.
2. Read the comprehensive study guides for the particular chapter.
3. Take the Chapter Test. This will help to improve the understanding of concepts for that chapter.
4. Take the evaluation test for that chapter. Access will be provided to the next chapter only on passing the evaluation test.

Please note: This is a Mastery course; so as soon as our students successfully completes the evaluation test for one chapter, they will automatically get access to the next chapter. Every chapter builds on the concepts learnt in the previous chapter.

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