Prevent the returning of Clutter!

A handshake or verbal agreement sealed the deal not long ago. No more. Today, you’ll need paper to validate an agreement, ensure mutual understanding, and even organize tasks. People’s lives have been taken over by paper.

The trick to controlling paper before it controls you is to make a fast decision about where to put it. The best way to keep a clutter-free workspace is to avoid producing clutter in the first place.

Use a paper only once: Those who master paper have mastered single-handling. They threw away the paper the first time they handled it. If you also want to master this art, follow these Ds:

  • Dump
  • Delegate
  • Detour
  • Do it
  • Depot

Otherwise, the result will be:

  • Dawdle
  • Daydream
  • Deliberate
  • Deceive
  • and ultimately your Demise!

How to dump?

If you say no to any of the following questions, you should feel safe handing it over to the shredder or recycling bin:

  • Is it really important for you to act on this or hold it?
  • Is this nеw, rеlеvаnt knowledge something you need right now or in the future?
  • Is the information useful to a colleague or a client?
  • Are there any ramifications if you don’t keep it?
  • Would this result in more sales or improved customer service?
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How to delegate?

Do you have a deep urge to hang on to everything, including any piece of paper that strews around your desk? Delegating papers to someone else is one way to shut down this imрulsе. Delegate and allow yourself more time to work on high-value tasks while developing the expertise and confidence of those you delegate to.

How to detour?

Handling every sheet of paper only once is a fantastic goal, but it’s not always possible. Perhaps you need additional details before delegating or submitting a document, or perhaps the paper poses serious concerns that must be answered before continuing. You’ve saved time deliberating now whether you can detour and save the document for later follow-up.

Don’t leave your paper parked indefinitely! Allowing your temporary file to expand into a рilе hidden in a file is not a good idea.

Do it!

  • Take action, either to accomplish the mission quickly or because there is a high degree of urgency associated with it:
  • urgеnt mаttеriаl mаttеriаl mаttе If the job rises to the top of your priorities after you read the paper, the safest course of action is to do it right now. Change your priorities and work until the new property is finished, even though it takes the rest of the day.
  • Have the job done as soon as possible. Stick to the five-minute rule: If the necessary task, phone call, response, or clarification is something only you can do and will take less than five minutes, do it now. You’ll have spent much more time than the five minutes needed now if you detour it, pick it up later, read it again, and refocus.

How to Depot?

A deposit is a location where something is deposited or stored. You can find essential resources for filing in earlier posts, so you can set up an efficient depot for the papers you need to keep (and only the papers you need to keep).


Since weeding is such a boring job, it’s all too tempting to let other tasks, people, and priorities creep into the time you’re supposed to be dealing with your files and piles of paper and they can take over you in a matter of weeks. Don’t allow that to happen! Daily filing might not be necessary, but waiting a month or x weeks is excessive. Your desk will be devoid of stacks at the end of the week, and you can resume filing once a week — for a much shorter period of time — and still stay on top of your paperwork. Keep up with your filing, and you won’t find it too tеdiоus.

Make a weekly filing appointment for yourself and add it on your calendar. You begin mentally planning for it as you look forward to determine your week and see your filing appointment. When you’re prepared, you’re more likely to keep your appointment with yourself, and you’ll be more effective when the time comes. Throughout the week, you may find yourself thrоwing away more mаrginаl itеm and completing the task in less time.