Regain control over Difficult People – a practical approach to using assertiveness when dealing with Games Players

This is one of Chris Croft’s best courses!

Difficult People

Overcome Difficult People – Assertiveness with Games Players

  • Identify 20 different types of Games Players, and 6 methods for overcoming them
  • Practical tools and techniques for counteracting interactions with Difficult People
  • Learn how to immediately disarm a manipulative conversation
  • Overcome fear of confrontation, and rid yourself of negative people
  • Ways to reduce anxiety and increase empowerment and happiness
  • Tools to stop letting others intimidate you, manipulate you, or take over your decisions
  • How to become calm and confident in relationships at work and at home
  • Find it easy to say no, be assertive, and speak your mind
  • 100% practical, and with no academic jargon
  • And much more!