Overcoming Obstacles

Anyone can manage time, but that’s not always easy. If there is anything like my experience, sometimes the days feel like a video game in which you’re constantly in danger of being caught up and miss the finish line. However, the challenges reflect your own limitations, weak organizational skills, frustrated and incapacitated decisions, time-consuming colleagues and superiors, interruptions in telephone and staff and unproductive meetings.

Cоmmunісаtіng еffесtіvеlу

The best way to optimize your time is to communicate effectively. No surprise, talk with co-workers, is one of the biggest time-wasters in company time.

What is surprising, however, is that the malpractice is not a result of the catch-up discussions on the water cooler on the copy machine on the weekend. Instead, this is the banter in weekly status reports, the drawn up updates of projects that seem never to end and the sales submissions that go untracked. All the meetings may be 10 minutes, but it takes one or more hours, somehow.

However, there is an incredible weapon at your disposal to control the misconceptions, i.e. your words. You can conclude these meetings productively with some dexterous remarks.

Avoiding Interruptions

Interruptions are creeping into your working day in all kinds of insidious manners. In addition to the annoying colleague who goes to your office with “Don’t you know? “The interruptions come in the form of unproductive meetings, phone calls, hall conversations that drift into your office and distract you, even the “you’ve got mail” icon that creeps into the lower corner of your computer monitor.

In addition, most poor time managers are interrupted by trying to do too much at once. Study after study supports the fact that multitasking is not the most effective working style. Constant stops and starts disrupting the project, requiring time to start every time you turn back to the task.

Controlling Procrastination

Sometimes it’s tempting to use interruptions as an excuse for postponing a project or a task. How nice it is to have someone else to blame for not getting started!

And before you know it, you’ve found so many good reasons not to do something that you backed into a tight eleventh hour corner, and the pressure is on.

Procrastination has a lot of causes, but most of the reasons for procrastination leave you in trouble.