This course will teach you all there is to know about digital marketing. Discover how to create your value proposition, identify your target market, and set targets. Learn how to construct an email marketing strategy, get started with video marketing, and produce simple marketing reports.

Course Contents


  • Connecting with customers online
  • What is digital marketing?
  • Getting started with digital marketing
  • Quiz

The Digital Marketing Framework

  • The building blocks of digital marketing
  • The marketing funnel
  • The buyer journey
  • Creating a buyer journey map
  • Quiz

Digital Marketing First Steps

  • Developing a marketing strategy
  • Defining your value proposition
  • Identifying your target market
  • Creating your persona
  • Establishing goals
  • Developing your KPIs
  • Drafting a one-page marketing plan
  • Quiz

Digital Marketing Key Concepts

  • Digital marketing is persuasive
  • Digital marketing is data driven
  • How online analytics work
  • Capturing key insights
  • Connecting with your customer
  • Quiz

Digital Marketing Hub and Spokes

  • Understanding your online presence
  • Deciding on a marketing channel
  • The power of messaging
  • Creating lean messaging
  • How to prioritize in marketing
  • Quiz

Digital Marketing with Your Website

  • Optimizing your website
  • Investing in copywriting
  • Building landing pages that convert
  • Quiz

Digital Marketing with SEO

What is SEO?
Essential SEO techniques
Evaluating local SEO

Digital Marketing with Paid Channels

  • Introduction to paid advertising
  • Identifying the value of a customer
  • Deciding when to pay to advertise
  • Budgeting for paid marketing
  • Creating your first paid campaign
  • Quiz

Digital Marketing with Social Media

  • The value of social media marketing
  • Getting started with social media
  • Deciding on a platform
  • Building and leveraging followers
  • Quiz

Digital Marketing with Email

  • The power of email marketing
  • Developing an email marketing plan
  • Dealing with email fatigue
  • Measuring the success of email
  • Tools to launch successful campaigns
  • Quiz

Digital Marketing with Video

The impact of video marketing
Getting started with video marketing
Chapter Quiz

Analytics Skills

  • Deciding what to track
  • Generating reports
  • Campaign tagging
  • Quiz

Trends to Watch

  • Trends to watch: Interactivity
  • Trends to watch: Chatbots
  • Trends to watch: Artificial intelligence
  • Quiz

Additional Marketing Channels

  • Digital marketing: Influencer marketing
  • Digital marketing: Automation
  • Quiz

Added benefit for participants

  • FREE 30 days access to Online Self-paced Digital Marketing (DM) Fundamentals Certification course + Exam.
    • Online DM video lectures
    • Pre-certification exam practice quiz
    • Certification exam (40 questions, 60 minutes duration)
    • Answer 30 out of 40 questions to get certified
    • eCertificate will be issued after passing an online exam.

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