Learning Agenda:

  • Insights into the Evolution of the Lean Six Sigma Management system
  • Understand the importance and potential of Lean Six Sigma in present day competitive business environment.
  • Get an introduction to related tools and strategies for effectively adopting and implementing the management system.
  • Basic concepts in successfully designing and executing business / production processes with enhanced customer satisfaction and optimum resource utilization through defined methodology.

Course Contents

  • Evolution of Lean Management
  • Evolution of Six Sigma
  • What is Lean and Six Sigma?
  • How Lean and Six Sigma are DIFFERENT and ALIKE?
  • What is ‘Lean Six Sigma’?
  • Examples and Improvement Opportunities that Lean Six Sigma Management System Offers.
  • Essentials for Lean Six Sigma Enterprise Transformation
  • EDDS Consulting will offer the participants to get Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification online course as well, free of cost, which includes, ‘online video lectures on foundational six sigma concepts’ and 60 minutes online exam to get an official Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification.
  • Brief Introduction of the Advanced Level Lean Six Sigma Certification Programs (As per availability of time).