PMBOK® Guide Statistics:


Dashboard 1: ITTOs Drilldown

  • Filter processes by ‘Process Group’ and/or ‘Knowledge Area’
  • Select a single process from the table to display ‘ITTOs’ related to only the selected process.
  • The ‘Inputs’, ‘Tools and Techniques’ and ‘Outputs’ also display the documents and tools used.

Dashboard 2: Processes Data Flow Summary

  • Displays the number of Predecessor processess, Inputs, Tool & Techniques and Outputs of all the 49 PMBOK Guide 6th edition processes.
  • Notice, there are some processes which do not have any Predecessor processes.
  • Some processes do not have Successor processes
  • There are also a few processes, which do not have any Predecessor or Successor processes.
  • All processes have Inputs and Outputs though.

Dashboard 3: PMBOK Guide Tools & Techniques Groups

  • PMBOK Guide 6th edition organises Tools and Techniques in 6 different groups.
  • However, quite a few are also UN-GROUPED.
  • The Groups are:
    • Data Gathering | Data Analysis | Data Representation | Decision Making | Communication Skills | Interpersonal and Team Skills
  • This Dashboard allows you to understand the structure of the Groupings of Tools and Techniques, which T&T is used in one or many processes, …
  • With multiple filtering options you can drill down to see Tools & Techniques with different perspectives.