This course has been designed to create highly capable Six Sigma professionals who can deliver real life improvements in their workplaces. Also fully loaded to prepare the trainee for a certification exam through any Certifying Authority.

We also provide Certification Exam access through our Partner 6Sigmastudy. We are an Authorized Training Partner with VMEdu Inc, a global certification training provider.

Course Contents

The course comprises of 13 modules, designed to fully equip the trainee to successfully deliver improvement projects.

Module 1

Fundamentals of Operational Excellence

Use the principles of operational excellence to deliver more value; improve processes, products, and services; and increase and sustain your competitive advantage.

Module 2

Six Sigma Foundations

Learn how to use Six Sigma to drive improvements in the performance of your processes, products, and services.

Module 3

Lean Six Sigma: Define and Measure Tools

Learn essential skills to be an effective team member on a Lean Six Sigma project team. Explore key tools and techniques in the define and measure phases of the DMAIC.

Module 4

Lean Six Sigma: Analyze, Improve, and Control Tools

Learn essential skills to be an effective team member on a Lean Six Sigma project team. Explore key tools and techniques in the analyze, improve, and control phases of the DMAIC.

Module 5

Operational Excellence: Workout and Kaizen Facilitator

Learn how to plan, lead, and facilitate Lean Six Sigma Work-Outs, Kaizen, or rapid improvement events to achieve operational excellence.

Module 6

Statistics Foundations 1

This module provides practical, example-based learning of the intermediate skills associated with statistics: samples and sampling, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing.

Module 7

Statistics Foundations 2

Complete your mastery of statistics. Get an advanced understanding of concepts such as t-distribution, degrees of freedom, chi-square testing, regression testing, and ANOVA.

Module 8

Learning Minitab

Discover Minitab for statistical analysis and data-driven decision-making. Learn about the charts, graphs, descriptive and inferential statistics features, and reports in Minitab.

Module 9

Six Sigma Green Belt

Learn what you need to operate as a Six Sigma Green Belt. This course covers measurement system analysis, descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, experiment design, and more.

Module 10

Leading Productive Meetings

Discover how to get the most from your meetings—turning them into productive avenues for communicating, connecting, and accomplishing real work.

Module 11

Project Management Foundations: Teams

Explore tools leaders can use to assess the character traits of team members and manage the development of teams.

Module 12

Project Management Foundations: Communication

Learn communication strategies to help you keep your projects on track. See how to create a communication plan, effectively manage project meetings, and write concise reports.

Module 13

Change Management Foundations

Learn how to assess your organization’s readiness for change and apply a powerful, step-by-step approach to help employees make changes that stick.

Course launch: 3 May 2021

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